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Small Business Loan Checklist



Thank you for your interest in our small business loan services.  In order to process your business loan please provide the checklist items listed below through our application forms.  Please click on the appropriate links below to access the specific forms.  If you have already started filling out the CFA Small Business Application and would like to login to finish the application, click here.  Please be sure to enter your password and user id.


When you have all of the documents listed below, please complete the following online application, CFA Master Application.  The password to access the application is cfasecure, but upon accessing the application form please create an individual account by clicking on the silver button labeled, Create an account or login.  As you forge ahead be sure to save your progress by selecting the save your progress option located at the bottom of the application form.  Once you have attached the required documents and completed the form, please submit the application by using the submit button, which is also at the bottom of the application form.  Lastly, complete the CFA Personal Financial Statement.  


1) Prequalification Requirements 


Past 3 years fiscal year ended Business Financial Statements (P&L and Balance Sheet)

Interim Financial Statements (P&L and Balance Sheet) 

1 Year Financial/Earnings Projections 


2) Loan Package 


Personal Financial Statement -  to be completed separately, the CFA Personal Financial Statement

Resume fo ALL owners/operators (helpful if experience is industry related) 

Aging of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable 

Past 3 years Personal Tax Returns (signed and dated)

Past 3 years Business Tax Returns (signed and dated)


3) Closing Requirements  


Their will be additional requirements in order to secure a funding commitment and we will communicate that to you at the appropriate time.  




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