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SBA Loan Checklist

REDO>>> Thank you for your interest in our small business loan services.  In order to process your application for an SBA 7a loan please provide the checklist items listed below through the CFA Client Portal or click on the appropriate links below to access the specific forms.  Form specific QR codes are only availabe within the CFA Client Portal.  If you have already started filling out the CFA Small Business Application and would like to login to finish the application, click here.  Please be sure to enter your password and user id.


The Small Business Loan Program at CFA is an excellent source of financing for most businesses.  Most borrowers often think that the SBA is a direct lender, which is not the case.  The SBA simply offers a government agency program to lenders guaranteeing 75% - 85% of the funds in the event of borrower default for a nominal one-time fee, built into the cost of the loan.  This is where working with a company like CFA really pays dividends, because CFA will contract lenders across the country to secure the best financing options within the framework of an SBA loan.  


Commercial Finance America, LLC has been designated as a preferred financial services company by Perferred SBA lenders to have loans processed more quickly and efficiently. This designation means that the SBA has delegated the approval process to our lenders, which means fast and efficient processing of your SBA loan.  


Prefer hardcopies of all the necessary applications and forms then go to the bottom of the page to access downloadable content.   




1) Prequalification Requirements 


Past 3 years fiscal year ended Business Financial Statements (P&L and Balance Sheet)

Interim Financial Statements (P&L and Balance Sheet)

1 Year Financial/Earnings Projections

Debt Schedule - complete the CFA Debt Schedule

Schedule of Collateral - complete the CFA Schedule of Collateral


2) Loan Package 


Small Business Application - complete the CFA Small Business Application

Personal Financial Statement - complete the CFA Personal Financial Statement

Statement of Personal History - complete the CFA Statement of Personal History

IRS Form 4506-T, one for the business and one for each guarantor (download )

Resume fo ALL owners/operators (helpful if experience is industry related)

Aging of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

Past 3 years Personal Tax Returns (signed and dated)

Past 3 years Business Tax Returns (signed and dated)


3) Closing Requirements  


Copy of Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws

Copy of Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement

Copy of warranty deed for real estate pledged as collateral (residence or investment property, copy of appraisal if available)



Hardcopy SBA Forms - Always Required:





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