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Real Estate Setup Checklist



Thank you for your interest in our business services.  In order to process your application for a real estate loan please provide the following either by completing the online CFA Real Estate Loan Application or by downloading the checklist located at the bottom of the page and emailing us the information.  Please complete everything for the property that will be used as collateral for the loan as well as what is listed below and on the application.   The CFA Real Estate Application can be accessed by using the password, cfasecure.  You have the option of creating your own user id and password, which would allow you to save your progress and return to the application another time if the application cannot be completed in one sitting.  



1) The Property  


a.  Form 1003 - Uniform Residential Loan Application (download and email or attach to the CFA Real Estate Loan Application)

b.  Color pictures of the property - interior & exterior 

c.  The appraisal or comparables (if available)

d.  Title work (if available)

e.  Phase I environmnetal study (if available)

f.  Physical Condition Report from engineer (if available)


2) The Financials   


a.  Personal Financial Statement(s) of all guarantor(s): complete Sections III, IV, V, & VI for each guarantor on Form 1003 - Uniform Residential Loan Application 

b.  Past three years and interim financial statements for Borrower and Guarantor, if different.


3) Tax Returns 


b.  Past three years of corporate tax returns.

b.  Past three years of personal tax returns.


4) Rent Roll & Lease Overview


a.  These sections are part of the online CFA Real Estate Loan Application and listed on the hardcopy version.   


Hardcopy Checklist


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