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Welcome to the CFA Secure Borrower Portal 




REDO>>> This is where you can access and complete all of the forms that we need to secure funding to meet your business needs.   All of your information will be uploaded and submitted to CFA over a secure internet connection, which is fully encrypted and authenticated.  Our interactive and hardcopy business loan checklists indicate lender requirements specific to the loan you are seeking.


REDO>>> To begin, you simply click on the appropriate checklist link below and once you have the information needed feel free to begin the application process.  Immediately upon opening the application and using the initial password of cfasecure to login, please create your own username and password.  This step will need to be repeated for each application form although you can create an account using the same username and password for each application form.  It's impossible to save your progress and return without completing this essential step.  When you have finished, please submit the completed application form using the submission button located at the bottom of the application form. 



  • Hardcopy Business Loan Checklists:  (NEEDS DOCS and LINKS)


Construction Loan Checklist

Real Estate Loan Checklist

Acquisition & Development Checklist

CFA Small Business Loan Checklist (Master Application)

CFA Schedule of Collateral

CFA Personal Financial Statement

CFA Statement of Personal History

CFA Personal Debt Schedule

CFA Attachments Form

CFA Business Debt Schedule

CFA Construction Loan Application

CFA Acquisition and Development Form

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