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Studies have shown that only 1% of commercial loan borrowers are able to get the kind of financing they really want; while only 10% are approved for any type of loan. Many just wind up getting whatever they can.  There are many reasons for this, but it usually comes down to one thing... inexperience. Most borrowers rarely seek loans and don't know where to begin. By contrast, CFA handles hundreds of loan requests every month. We know how to professionally prepare a loan request, approach lenders who are most interested in the loan, and tell your story in banker's language.  Below are some of major services we provide in order to reach a favorable conclusion for your specific loan request.

Loan Structure


The loan application process begins by determining the loan amount, the use of proceeds and the resulting type of loan that  is best for the situation. Many loan applications are declined simply because:

  • The loan amount is too large.

  • The loan amount is too small. 

  • Improper use of proceeds.

  • Incorrect type of loan.

  • etc, etc, etc.

Loan Packaging


Bankers receive large numbers of loan requests each week and they have little time or interest to help borrowers package their loans.  Since most borrowers have limited experience in applying for loans, they rarely know where to begin.  When it comes to completing forms, numerous mistakes are made. CFA knows just what loan documents are needed for any type of loan request. We help you organize documents,   complete forms accurately and package your loan request in a way that is both professional and appropriate.  In short, our purpose is to help you "put your best foot forward".



CFA's underwriting process is designed to help us predict the likely outcome of a loan at the time it is first given to us. Then, even before a request is submitted to lenders, CFA determines its strengths and weaknesses in order to advise on how best to proceed. In fact, if the loan request represents unusual risk, we will work with the lender/s to determine ways to mitigate  risk and enable approval for loan.



Exceptional loan design is yet another way that we at CFA work our "magic".  CFA presents clients to lenders in the best possible light and will never misrepresent or falsify a borrower to a lender. The majority of borrowers, on th other hand, have not properly packaged their loan application.  Bottom line, we know whether it is possible to take a poorly designed appliation, or even a previous loan decline, and turn it into a bankable loan.  If you are interested, we can cite countless examples.

We have the Lenders


At CFA, we are able to contact more lenders in a single day than most borrowers can contact in weeks or perhaps even months. Through our experience and expertise we are able to to achieve the fastest results possible. These are the main reasons for our success:

  1. Best Lender - Most lenders have loan requests they factor while others they just automatically decline. CFA knows the best lenders to choose and then will find yours.

  2. 5,000 Lenders - CFA has access to over 5,000 lenders. Through our electronic systems, we access the 100 best lenders in the first week and, if needed, all 5,000 within 2-3 weeks.

  3. Market Knowledge - We know the market and whether a lender is making a fair offer. We continue to "shop" the market until we know you have the loan which is just the right one for you.

Negotiating for You


Bankers have their own language, which places most borrowers at a real disadavantage. This often results in borrowers actually frustating the loan officers and perhaps making mistatements that lead to a loan decline. CFA acts are your  spokesperson in most situations and will also coach/counsel you to handle the interviews. 


Throughout the process, CFA will negotiate all terms and borrower requests. Actually, we think of it as more of a collaboration rather than a negotiation. Lenders are in the business to make loans and they want satisfied customers. At the same time, many of their rates and terms are determined in a vacuum, with the focus on satsifying their own goals. CFA balances this perspective through our knowledge of current market conditions and we communicate with lenders in the language they understand. Our objective and often the end result is the most reasonable outcome for your loan request.

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