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Why Do Customers Choose Us For Their Financing Solutions?

How You Benefit | Here are 10 reasons:


Investment Grade and A credit risks have many options to finance their business while startups and B, C & D credit risks are challenged to find good options (or any option). Regardless of your circumstances, Commercial Finance America is your best single source. Now you can take advantage of all of these benefits:


1. Expertise

Studies have shown that only 1% of commercial borrowers are able to acquire the actual kind of financing that they want; while only 10% are approved for any type of loan.  Many just wind up having to take what they can get. There are many reasons for this, but it usually comes down to one thing... inexperience.  Most borrowers rarely seek loans and don't know where to begin. By contrast, Commercial Finance America handles hundreds of loan requests every month and we know how to professionally prepare loan requests, approach lenders who are most interested in the loan and tell your story in their own "bankers" language.


2. Speed

We contact more lenders in a single week than most borrowers can in months, years or even a lifetime.  With experience and expertise coupled with our unparalled network of resoures we are able to to achieve the fastest results possible.


3. National Reach

You may have discovered that lending specialties and expertise has become predominately regionalized in different parts of the country.  This can result in A & B credit risks not securing good terms they deserve or other quality businesses being declined simply because their type of business is not understood by their local lenders. Regardless of your industry, CFA will find lenders who work with businesses like yours.


4. Access to Private Capital

The most coveted non-bank lender for many small businesses is private capital. CFA has access to large pools of private capital. Through this access we are able to fund certain projects that no bank would consider and with business-friendly terms otherwise not available.


5. National Competition

Many banks are no longer making loans to small businesses the way they used to, while others are lending primarily to just Investment Grade or A credit risks. This means that many communities do not have lending options with competitive terms or may not have any real business financing choices at all. CFA not only has your solution, but also has several lenders competing for your business.


6. Best Funding Option

CFA and your Commercial Finance Advisor will help guide you to the best type of financing for your situation.  This can improve your terms, interest rates, monthly payments, down-payments, collateral and others, which will determine the best funding option for you.


7. Bank Lenders

Historically banks have been the lender of choice for small businesses. In recent years banks have generally been changing in this market, a trend that has been accelerated by the challenging economic events of the last few years. CFA has many banks which are still aggressively lending to small businesses, but may not be one of your local financial institutions.


8. Many More Choices

CFA provides you with many more choices than you have ever had before. As an example, perhaps you are buying equipment and your dealer has lined up an equipment lease. That may look like your only choice. But CFA may be able to provide you with multiple choices.  One choice might be a different or better equipment lease. However, maybe you would be better served with a totally different type of financing such as an unsecured line of credit. You tell us what you want or need and we will give you choices.


9. New Non-Bank Lenders

Many non-bank financing entities have stepped in to fill the void left by those banks that are limiting, withdrawing or changing their lending.  The problem is that most of these lenders are not well known and few small businesses have access. CFA solves this problem through a broad array of non-bank lenders competing for your business.


10. Lifelong Service and Support

Through your commercial finance advisor, you receive ongoing service and support for the life of your business. Businesses change as do their financing needs. The best financing structure today may be totally inadequate tomorrow. Your CFADVISOR will work with you to develop a review cycle, and when needed, to secure different, new, and/or additional financing from one of our commercial finance lenders.

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